Foreign Currency

Sufficient & appropriate currency is essential when travelling overseas, particularly when visiting multiple countries on your trip of a lifetime. The Travel Lounge can facilitate this with MasterCard Cash Passport, with up to 10 different currencies held on one prepaid cash card. Money can be accessed as you would a credit or debit card in 35.9 million locations worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted. In store, over the counter, shopping online or withdrawing cash via ATMs worldwide.

When travelling it is important to have easy access to funds & rather than using your credit card for everyday smaller expenses or withdrawing cash, The Cash Passport allows you to have multiple currencies available at your finger tips whilst also having the security features of a second back-up card as well as 24/7 support, if your card is lost or stolen. You can manage your account online by signing in to a secure website to check balances, swap currencies or top up your funds from either a credit card or EFT service.

The Travel Lounge can also supply a selection of commonly used foreign currency, should this be needed at the commencement of your trip.